Runway from the sound designer’s aspect:-Xavier Artus or Sound designer Monsieur X’s exclusive interview.


”A good selection has to be eclectic, relevant and different from the music usually heard in all the public places. An inappropriate music selection can even constitute a sound pollution”.

Monsieur X’s goal is unappropriate to make discover or rediscover forgotten or badly represented artists. Specialized in the world of Luxury and Fashion, Monsieur X has collaborated with the following brands Dior Fine Jewellery, Kenzo, Céline, Chaumet, Fendi, Chanel boutique, Boucheron,Balmain, Habitat hotel group, Muse at Saint Tropez and also the young talented designer Alexis Mabille.

“A relevant sound reinforces a work, a creation, a place and supports it when it’s well chosen”.

After a thorough study of the brand‘s identity to be illustrated, Monsieur X proceeds to a meticulous choice of artists who will evoke the rightest as possible its DNA, the governing ideas for the launching of a new product, the visual elements of an institutional movie or the atmosphere to give to a place or an event.Meet Monsieur X and the secrets of runway/glamour music.

What influenced you to get  imvolved to the fashion industry?

Fashion allows me to tell a new story for every collection staying coherent with the designer’s personality and his/her speficic vision for the collection. I need to bring a little bit of humour in this fashion industry which is sometimes too conformist.

What is the ideal ‘’recipe’’ for a fashion show to succeed in terms of music?

Rhythm, intensity, Emotion, when possible humour and progress all along the show

Is there something you ‘like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?
Contemporary dance is a complex, a poetic and extremely rigorous world where sound is key factor. I like also the fact it’s totally away of the sales-orientated fashion shows,there aren’t such limitations there.

How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?

For me, the perfect show would mix several ingredients: movie dialogues, sounds of real life, Humour, Contemporary and Timeless key musics…I cannot see any added value playing only the last Singles.

How much are you influenced by the designer’s view ?

My role is to take into consideration the designer’s tastes and the messages vehicled in a collection but also proposing new approaches to  emphazise a collection.



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