Sarah Jessica Parker’s Second Shoe Collection for Nordstrom unveiled-and its a success.



I must admit i found difficult to understand why an actress impersonating  a shoe-lover fashionista on tv,should as well or,because of that,have any talent so as to create a statement shoe collection on her own.Well,this is not the case about Sarah Jessica Parker and i am glad to notice it.The actress just released her second collection of shoes,again in collaboration with Nordstrom. The style of the overall collection is more subtly feminine chic than fierce  trend setter. Classical designs in navy, olive, red, and coral form the collection,with Sarah Jessica Parker naming certain designs out of the women that inspired her,i.e. one statement boot,the ‘Pat’ is named after Sex and The City’s famous stylist,Patricia Field.If you look for qood quality,ultra chic footwear,well,you know now where to go!I’d vote for the ‘Blythe’ though.







1408745284633_wps_6_SJP_Sarah_Jessica_Parker_ 1408745283547_Image_galleryImage_SJP_Sarah_Jessica_Parker_ 082214-SJP-Shoes-embed-2-480

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