Galleria Carla Sozzani will pay tribute to ‘New Look’ icon Bettina Graziani-from September on.


During the 50s designers such as Fath,Christian Dior and Balenciaga were setting the standards of what it was to be ‘Haute Couture’. Close to them and muse to all three, was the first supermodel Micheline Bodin Graziani,or”Bettina” as Balmain re-named her.Being a muse to Fath,she actually co-shaped his vision for stylish as well as modern fashion, plus  personifying it as ”the new  woman” of the times,stylish, bold and not lacking personality.Being actually the first of the supermodels  she was photographed hundreds of times by photographers such as Irving Penn and Henry Clarke.

Galleria Carla Sozzani this September will pay tribute to the New Look icon Bettina Graziani. We read: ” From September 16, just as Milan Fashion Week gets underway, the Galleria Carla Sozzani will honor the model who boasts the title of “the most photographed woman in France”. Hundreds of images from iconic photographers such as Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Henry Clarke, Erwin Blumenfeld, Jean Chevalier and Irving Penn will be on display, to tell the life story of Bettina, born Simone Micheline Bodin. An archetype of French elegance, the iconic model has inspired great designers since her arrival in Paris in the late 1940s, posing for Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Jacques Fath and Lucien Lelong. From her first photo shoot to the creation of the Bettina blouse with Hubert de Givenchy, take a tour back in time through the model’s career-defining moments via this collection of stunning black and white images.”


Ivy, Sophia and Bettina, February 1952. Photo: Nat Farbman for LIFE magazine
hoto by Willy Maywald
photo by Willy Maywald,dress by Fath
photo Henry Clarke, Jacques Fath
photo Henry Clarke, dress by Jacques Fath
Bettina during a photo shooting,photo by Regina Relang
Pierre Balmain, 1950 Photo Henry Clarke
dress by Pierre Balmain,Photo by Henry Clarke
Bettina for Givenchy, 1950s

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