Christian Dior FALL 2014 COUTURE-”Another trip to nowhere


The question that rises here is: ”Is it me getting all that uber-inspired(!) outfits wrong or there is seriously some creative inefficiency that Mr Simons and his media peers fail to admit”? Honestly now,not even the (interesting indeed) concept of female silhouette changing over the decades and the influence one decade brought to the next could save this show. Well,had it been a Galliano project we would be most probably see stars out of happiness.But Raf Simons isn’t a couturier, no matter how hard he tries to prove the very opposite.According to ”” he stated that he found himself thinking about Christian Dior’s fascination with the Belle Époque style thus asking himself, “If I had been [working] at that time, what would be my interest, conceptually or technically or architecturally? What would I be excited about?

The question here though is what would the couture lovers of today be excited about? He presented an inspiring,cheap looking series of outfits that bore no Dior essence,not even the credit of a good pret-a-porter line.I consider this collection an insult to the House’s legacy and to good taste in general.Its not personal Mr Simons,its just business.

01_KIM_5436.450x675 38_KIM_6436.450x675

17_KIM_5919.450x675 22_KIM_6046.450x675 29_KIM_6224.450x675 35_KIM_6370.450x675 46_KIM_6641.450x675 53_KIM_6801.450x675 59_KIM_6959.450x675



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