Alexis Mabille FALL 2014 COUTURE- ”Experiment in gender issues”




















“What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.”

~Susan Sontag~(and a quoted inspiration of the current Mabille couture show)


I used to be a fan of Mabille’s work but i must admit this Fall 2014 Couture collection baffles me.Maybe perhaps because it became obvious that the ”masculine-feminine” interaction appeared at times as a manner of mis-matched items and at some, few i’m afraid,an interesting combination of bold references to menswear upon ultra feminine gowns. The idea is as old as the world itself yet its becoming modern by a similarly ”modern” approach.

Now,for the House’s Fall 2014 couture collection Alexis Mabille enthusiastically embraced all the above,still, transforming a vague idea to a solid couture collection that would actually both impress and sell,is another issue.Thus the huge differences between outfit to outfit,some looked great,some looked more..costumey than haute couture. Ok,we had belted silhouettes,tuxedo-like necklines and some white stuff-dantelle gowns. Btw,was i the only one to think that the fabrics at certain points, looked..ahem cheap?

KIM_7341.450x675 KIM_7394.450x675 KIM_7602.450x675 KIM_7686.450x675 KIM_7734.450x675




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