Antidote magazine presents a ”Victor Demarchelier exhibition” at Clic Gallery,NYC along with a ”Paris Issue” curated by him.


Antidote magazine happens to be one of my favorite fashion refuge,when tired of too much expose to bold, uber commercial imagery. The people working behind the title define it as: ”Antidote hovers between a book and a fashion magazine, a precious object to be kept collected. Its concept is simple: each issue tells the story of a fashion «object», portraying it through a comprehensive, diversified narrative. The editorial approach blends new dynamics through different articles, stories, portfolios and fashion editorials. An original, timeless tone, an insight into the essence of the addressed topic. An essay of theoretical and practical analysis, experienced as a cultural and psychological experience. Antidote Magazine is designed as a remedy offered to fashion aficionados and culture enthusiasts alike, inviting them to a literary experience. A new way of relating to information, thought and designed to transcend the ephemeral through the eye of an innovative and alive french magazine.”


And they’re keeping their word along with the high quality standards imposed also by themselves.The recent issue of Antidote magazine,’‘The Paris Issue viewed by Victor Demarchelier”  is accompanied by an exhibition at Clic Gallery,in New York, in honor of great photographer Victor Demarchelier, featuring more- than- stunning images.Curated by Yann Weber who successfully managed to showcase the visual power of the images both inside a magazine issue and in a photographic exhibition mode.


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The show will run until November 10, 2013 at Clic Gallery – NYC Clic Gallery – 255 Centre Street – New York, NY 10013

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