Lady Gaga announcing a H&M fashion collaboration via twitter- Whom is she gonna copy this time.

lady-gaga-copy-stole-zeki-muren-applause.1Lady Gaga chose twitter to announce a fashion collaboration between her and high street mega name H&M.We’d better wait for a statement from the brand itself.still..

Her very tweet said the exact words below,in need i think, of providing some extra information.

Lady Gaga ‏@ladygaga 49s
Lots of EXCITING announcements coming today w/ @HM, the Haus’ newest invention ‘VOLANTIS’, and my new TECH companies PETGA Inc & TechHaus.


H & M as well know is a Swedish based multinational retail-clothing company, known for its super fashion conscious yet affordable  clothing for both men and women.The company has stores in  43 countries and as of 2011 employed around 94,000 people.Just to know how far the company has gone,imagine that the first store was opened on the high street of Västerås, Sweden in 1947, with the brand now to currently having 2,629 stores and gradually opening more.

In the current situation described above,the company decides to connect its name with the most ambiguous pop-star of the times.So far she had declared she had invented :’during a press conference at an undisclosed location,according to the media invite that was sent out in November the 7th.You cant learn much from the actual invite either, other than that the piece is called VOLANTIS ,is being created with the collaboration of TechHaus.

Here’s the actual invitation text:

‘On Sunday November 10th, Lady Gaga and TechHaus, the technical division of Haus of Gaga, will debut the most extreme of its inventions to date with Volantis. We invite you to come and cover a demonstration of this exciting new technology followed by a press conference with Lady Gaga. The event is taking place at a soon to be disclosed location. Press check in for the press conference will begin at around 7pm. Gaga’s fourth studio album, ARTPOP, is set to be released on Monday, November 11th.”

At this point i realize that as Gaga’s career is at its downfall,she is using a multifaceted strategy to regain the title of ”Queen of provocation”,”a walking form of art” as it finally became obvious that true style pioneers have their saying in what they wear and how,thus creating their personal style.Gaga’s dressing habits was as if she were dressed for Halloween all year round(in a bad sense). apart from the fact that her ”edgy looks” were in fact copies from other performers such as Bowie and Madonna,to mention a few.

image by Jeff Koons

Gaga’s managers went to great lengths to promote her new album ”ArtPop”.Parts of their campaign strategy was clearly the idea to toss the debating looks and find an aid to give her credibility-and what can do that better that art?Gaga is using art in the naive form that the average half-educated person has,regarding avant-garde artists,running naked in the fields in the infamous ”Abramovitc film/method”, her collaboration and his designing the cover art with ”artist” Jeff Koons (another successful yet  ambivalent figure in its field)and many other examples.Still,there is probably another reason for Lady Gaga appearing more trashy that usual.An extract from ”Billboard” states that : ”Around the evening of Monday, Nov. 4, reports surfaced that Gaga had parted ways with Troy Carter, her manager since 2007, citing creative differences. Though sources declined to comment to Billboard about whether the split with Carter was related to the emotional performance, the two had been having rifts in recent months – including a reported fight around August’s MTV Video Music Awards that one source describes as a “blow out,” but was later resolved.”

Ah!Somebody realized the way Gaga was taking was a dead end..And Billboard goes on :”Brands are embracing the opportunity to take Artpop” to the masses, too. Kia came onboard first with a massive 2013 ad campaign that began airing during the VMAs featuring the Kia hamsters dancing to “Applause.” Beats By Dre synched “Do What U Want” for a TV campaign that began airing in mid-October. Opening track “Aura” was featured in trailers and a lyric video for “Machete Kills,” a Robert Rodriguez movie in which Gaga co-stars. Planned third single “Venus” will get another big look from a major retailer later this month. And, as reports were expected to be confirmed at the Nov. 10 ArtRave, Gaga will perform a song in space in 2015 as part of a new partnership with Virgin Galactic, making her the first person to do so.”

All’s well and impressive.Still,let us have a look at the real cause of all that fuss above: AtPop’s first Week sales were disappointing. She was even moved from the charts top in favor of Miley Cyrus and her own tricks.There was a not-so-good reaction regarding reviews also,with the album barely scoring a score of 64 on Metacritic.In despair Gaga tweeted that ””FUN FACT: The first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cur out of hot pink metallic foil + silver foil,” she wrote. “The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who have collaged the typography himself. In other words, YALL BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE FIRST 500,000. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind. #ARTPOP.”

experiencing the ”Abramovic method”


Still,who cares anyway about a clearly talented performed absorbed in being provocative by copying other and innovative by engaging herself in ventures she didn’t have to,first place. Bolan,Bowie,Madonna have done that,way better.So just focus on her performing abilities because while she is into going to space or everywhere that far,her latest performance in British Tv was pathetic.And don’t let her naive use of ”reverse” psychology fool you(the ”Gaga Is Over video”),the music is good but not that good!

Lady Gaga i plea you,do go to space but DON’T interfere in my relationship with H&M!

Personally,what i don’t appreciate in Lady Gaga is no her music. Surprisingly enough,her music is decent pop and she has good vocal qualities.She knows undoubtedly how to perform on stage,and she should use it in favor of her,as she used in her first days,before the mega stardom. My basic issue is that she’s visually copying other artists’ work without proving credits of her ”looks” or influences.That bothers me.Let as not forget also that the French artist Orlan, an early pioneer of Carnal Art, has sued Lady Gaga to the tune of $31 million for allegedly co-opting the face implants and decapitated head in the Born This Way video.

And i am not getting into the music area at all,i leave that to more expert hands.


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