Happy Birthday Dear Academie! -”ANTWERP ICONS”- Fashion in Dialogue with Urban Landscape.

Antwerp Icon Peter Pilotto at Voetgangerstunnel, Photo Ronald Stoops-41-150130

12 iconic garments by Antwerp fashion designers have been immortalized in large format photographs positioned around the city. Rendered in heroic proportions reminiscent of the totemic ‘giants’ that have been carried in Antwerp processions since the 14th century, each photograph represents the work of a celebrated graduate from the Fashion Department of the Antwerp Academy.

Styled by designer Dirk Van Saene a visual link has been made between the silhouettes by the use of a simple bodysuit. Each is printed with a pattern or textile strongly associated with the appropriate designer’s work, chosen following research through the archives of MoMu, Antwerp’s Fashion Museum. The designers then selected a single, iconic piece to be worn over the bodysuits.

Ronald Stoops’s photographs emphasize the monumental scale of the image by dramatically manipulating the proportions of the model. Both Stoops and makeup artist Inge Grognard are strongly associated with Antwerp fashion of the last 25 years, and their intimate understanding of the aesthetic and working methods of each designer is apparent in the highly individual styling choices made for each silhouette. The towering, 10-meter-high images have been placed at appropriate locations around the city.

A.F. Vandevorst > Bolivarplaats (Palace of Justice)
Ann Demeulemeester > Leopold Dewaelplaats (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp)
Bernhard Willhelm > Astridplein
Christian Wijnants > Falconplein
Dirk Bikkembergs > Theaterplein
Dirk Van Saene > Wapper
Dries Van Noten > Hanzestedenplaats (MAS)
Marina Yee > Nationalestraat (Lange Vlierstraat)
Martin Margiela > Mechelseplein
Peter Pilotto > Ernest van Dijckkaai (Pedestrian Tunnel)
Veronique Branquinho > De Keyserlei
Walter Van Beirendonck > Nationalestraat (MoMu – Fashion Museum)

Concept: Dirk Van Saene ism MoMu / Styling: Dirk Van Saene / Photography: Ronald Stoops / Make-up: Inge Grognard / Hair: Ed Moelands / Models: Lisa Verberght & Benoni Loos / Photography assistance: Jef Jacobs / Production: David Flamée – MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp & Joris Goorden – Antwerpen Open


Bernard Willhelm Ronald Stoops_0

Christian Wijnants Ronald Stoops

Dirk Van Saene Ronald Stoops

Marina Yee Ronald Stoops

Veronique Branquinho Ronald Stoops

Walter Van Beirendonck Ronald Stoops

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