Paris Fashion Week-Givenchy RTW Spring 2014-”Towards a new path or a ‘crash’?”

givenchy-048 givenchy-049

It was about time for Ricardo Tisci to get rid of the prints he seemed so much to like and focus more to the female silhouette per se,with its Spring 2014 collection showing promising signs of a new direction. “It’s a car crash of  two cultures—the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa,” was the show’s basic concept as stated by Tisci himself and illustrated on the runway in the form of a staged car-crash,with all its grandeur of smoke,lights,sounds.The interesting was that this spectacular picture didn’t distort the view from the actual clothes ,it rather melted with all the colors and the fabrics of the outfits themselves.Now,as for the clothes,they did bear influences of Japanese and African cultures not ”clashed” but rather heavily melted,transformed into an aesthetic language we haven’t seen before from Ricardo Tisci. Techniques such as draping,layering in silk,tailoring with traditional Japanese stiff lines- unifying with loose,extrovert African ones,were aptly used and generally successfully.The drapings were indeed good but slightly over-used,the metallic pants and dresses interesting,still his ”unfinished” outfits didn’t quite convince me. The collection has already gained ”web-recognition” and i wont be surprised spotting celebrities wearing his outfits at the near future. I like the idea of a turning point,as that’s were Mr Tisci actually is now, still i’ll suggest digging more into the vast Givenchy archive,otherwise the ‘crash’ wont be only a stage design invention.givenchy-038 givenchy-039 givenchy-041 givenchy-046 givenchy-047 givenchy-036 givenchy-029 givenchy-028 givenchy-026 givenchy-024 givenchy-022 givenchy-019 givenchy-014 givenchy-008 givenchy-009 givenchy-001


  1. One of the worst ideas ever! It could sound well in words, but visually is just an awful orgy of whatever and it’s opposite… Indigesting!

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