Lady Gaga,Marina Abramovic-For a piece of publicity!


Lady Gaga and her team, have managed to built a controversial yet ”extreme when needed” persona with no personality of her own.The key here is the focus on her various ”personalities” that intrigue her fans and critics,without any hint that there is a personality or even a personal choice behind the image.Lady Gaga may claim she has managed to rocket to fame as a true ”Fame Monster” in no time,the comparison with Madonna (a very opinionated person and someone who has the first and the last word in her albums-successfully or not).This time,the typically huge promotional campaign for her upcoming work differentiates her,as she appears to be exposed naked during the so-called Abramovic method,”naked” also in the eyes of her fans that were accustomed in seeing her more than fully ‘dressed”,playing roles through costumes.And so,in order to attract attention she can play the previous card no more,people are growing tired of her exhibitionism and her vanity that masquerades her insecurities.

lady Gaga started the ”naked skin-pure soul” campaign by posing for a series of covers for the  September issue of V magazine, showing off more of her skin.

And this is not only that.Inside the mag,Lady Gaga,now turned blonde,speaks about her experience regarding the Marina Abramovic method experience,sometimes even talking to the performance artist herself,making note of the detailed video that came out of her following the ”method”-in nude of course.Its not by change that this new start is being called ”An art project”,people don’t buy her meaningless extravaganza anymore.Note that Gaga’s third studio album, ARTPOP, is set to be released Nov. 11 so she needs all ”Art” help she can get.

Lady Gaga during the Abramovic method in upstate New York.
gaga9f-5-web gaga9f-6-web gaga9f-7-web gaga9f-9-web

Of course,before indulge herself in this ”method”,she had of course approached publicity in her own,usual terms,a series of artsy covers for V magazine and a promo video where she asked fans ”not to buy her single”.How pathetic..

V magazine sample images




And after all this ”naked catharsis”,there comes Marina Abramovic herself,admitting to Lady Gaga herself that she was “just messing with her the entire time” and that she actually really hates her music, style, and “art”.And there’s more!”When I said couple of years ago that I admire Lady Gaga, I thought that she and everyone else would get the sarcasm, but no. People actually believed me when I called her “the future of art”. So I said, what the heck, let’s just go with the flow and see what happens,” added Marina Abramovic. She, who kept the singer in belief her music was “revolutionary and groundbreaking” for more than a year, says that the joke has gone.And what about  the renowned Abramovic method that Lady Gaga so publicly underwent?“Marina Abramovic  says she made up just to see if Gaga would really do it.Well,she did it.So what?

I never thought that Lady Gaga had something to offer to modern music apart from a successful orchestrated ”performance” of personas,photo shootings,edgy experiments.She opts to be the ”Fame Monster” sshe used to be,even when this is not working anymore,people got tired and its obvious.But i used to thing that Mrs Abramovic had contributed greatly to the world of true performance.Her implication with Lady Gaga makes her anymore,nothing more than another ”Fame Monster”.In a different way,sure.Gaga also aims “to make connections between music, art, fashion and technology“. In other words, using her fashion and musing industry connections  fabricated in her bespoke Haus of Gaga workshop.God save us.

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