Roberto Cavalli presents ”Psychotic Love”


Roberto Cavalli wares seem now as a preludium for what was to do next.The new venture ”Psychotic Love” is (a  wanna be satirical) photographic story of a weird redheaded woman on the edge of going mad if she hasn’t been already.Since its a Cavalli advertisement idea,the scenario is that the only things keeping her from tipping over the edge  are an adoring rooster, and, of course, her Cavalli Hera bag.The visual tale,  was directed by Cavalli’s daughter, Rachele  who she also happens to be the creative director of the brand’s accessories range but still we would  advice scenarios and their visualization are a whole different world. All that fuss for the the ”sanity-sustaining Hera bag” who hits stores later this month.Still,by trying to be satirical,Robero Cavalli managed to satire his own marketing processes and advertising plan.Was that intentional?Not so sure.Good work from photographervDiego Diaz Marin,though.

roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-01 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-02 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-03 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-04 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-06 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-07 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-08 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-10 roberto-cavalli-psychotic-love-film-12

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