Givenchy Campaign by Riccardo Tisci featuring Carine Roitfeld misses the point-again!


When Ricardo Tisci and Carine Roitfeld collaborate,the result can’t but be at the very least,intriguing. After all,they have proved they share a common view on fashion issues and no clashing aesthetics. Add super photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott to this all-star team and what you got is a Givenchy campaign that radiants ”family issues” including faces such as Amanda Seyfried (the new face of Very Irresistible Givenchy perfume), Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez, models Mariano Ontañon and Dalianah Arekion. After all Carine Roitfeld models in the campaign herself along with her daughter. Tisci stated that the gypsy feeling that characterized the campaign was mainly due to the fact that the persons who modeled for it ”are real gypsies in their own lives. They are never in one place. They travel the world.”. Still,Mr Tisci this doesn’t necessarily make you a gypsy,it could well make you a jet-setter.And the oxymoron keeps on,since the women’s collection will break in mid-July on the hoarding for Givenchy’s forthcoming boutique at 36 Avenue Montaigne in Paris.Can’t think of any real gypsy at heart that wonders around places such as Avenue Montaigne.Ricardo Tisci has all the help he can get to create and produce a personal,breathtaking unique style but even with a ”fashion dream team” behind him,he still seems to have missed the point.He’s no bad at all,i just expect to see extraordinary,not ordinary from him.Especially when it comes for a House such as Givenchy! Fashion industry has never been in need of a genius such as Galliano,than now.

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