The currency of fashion has always been exclusivity.No so long ago was made sure that the designs were seen only by buyers and press carefully chosen.Everyone one had to wait weeks for the designs to appear in magazines and fashion editorials.Now is different.A sizeable numbers of shows such as Prada,Miu Miu and Burberry Porsum are live streamed,with the names above the most internet-friendly.Imagine,some of Christopher Bailey’s designs are available to order via the Burberry website the second the show ends.Tweeting is also a means that fashion houses use,Burberry have started tweeting inages before even the show begins!.Is fashion industry becoming democratic or is there something else?

The question is: ”If everyone’s invited,will anyone want to come?”Becuase for every web fashion giant such as Bailey,there is a Thomas Mahler or a Phoebe Philo who have asked guests not to tweet or take images during their respective.Remeber Tom Ford’s return to womensweare and the mystery that covered his moves,leves of exclusivity that took us decades back.

Ed FilipooWski,the co-president of KCD Wordwide states: ”I am a fashion purist.I believe in runway shows where there are fashion moments that are not to be missed.This is an option,not a replacement.”

Christian Dior fashion show (1949)

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