How much a fashion show really costs?

Thomas Onorato has been producing fashion shows for about 10 years and he cant avoid stressing the importance of having  a certain tranquility in the back stage area…

“Just a couple years ago,” says Onorato, who, with partner Max Wixom, owns special-events company Onorato- Wixom, “I remember being backstage and an entire wall collapsed an hour before the show. People were screaming and the designer was freaking out. But instead of having a breakdown, we pulled it together and made it work despite adding additional cost to backstage production. Had we not factored in the potential for snafus in the budget, it [the fashion show] would have been a disaster.”

The world find itself astonished by the whole event and the astonishing clothes but rarely manage to  get a glimpse to what’s happening behind the scenes or the associated costs. For example,a designer once asked the person in charge to… alter all the lights to a soft pink, so that a certain celebrity walking in the show would look younger,something that she needing. The total cost: $20,000..

Now,lets take them from the beginning aka the venue.”A fashion presentation at Bryant Park will cost at least $50,000. From now on it all depends on how successful/famous make-up artist,stylist,hairdresser,a designer will require. A star stylist such as Rachel Zoe with her assistants,, a hair and makeup team that go beyond the sponsor’s offerings, other,additional set elements will definitely make the overall cost of the show will go up,up,up significantly! generally speaking,if you are an average known stylist, the cost to the designer can be $5,000 to $6,000 dollars a day, with a four-day minimum. But if you are more well known aka celebrity one,, fees can shoot up to $20,000 a day. As for make up material?”Just before fashion week, orders are being made of at least 20,000 shadows–and that’s just for the eyes,” says John Demsey, global president of MAC cosmetics. “Multiply [that figure] by 25 to 30 makeup artists per show, with at least 45 shows going on.and you’ll get the point..”

The latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show included 35 models,1,034 guests, and one $3 million Harlequin Fantasy Bra worn on the runway by model Miranda Kerr.The total cost of the event reached around $10 million along with the after-party.And bear in mind that the  typical runway show only lasts about 600 seconds.

So,when too much is indeed,TOO much?In contemporary times,where several financial issues are in the spotlight for several countries,the real economy struggles to follow the IMF or EU organization decisions on austerity measures in countries,(even in the U.S),all the above appear frail and even provocative.Well,I’m not expressing an opinion on the matter. i’ m simply posing the question for other people to think about-beyond glamour and fashion trends

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