“The medium is the message.”
Marsall McLuhan

Intoducing a brand with an exceptional,innovating vision and strong aesthetics that convey the message of being meaningful. Experimental craftsmanship, and desire to create precious objects, along with geometry in relation to the body,is the essence of  “DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGERS”  brand. Leather plays the base note in the line, while slowly integrating fine fabrics and elements.

Kyle Callanan, hailing from New Zealand, with a background in costume and fashion, being an immensely talented in all fields in fashion, a precise and articulate pattenmaker, and an eye for design and line creatively joins force with Jen Gilpin from Canada, bearing a long history in fashion, a love for fine tailoring and technique. This duo is hands on, always challenging each other to find new techniques and perfect form, making the brand a must for everyone with a keen interest in avant garde fashion.

photos copyright
Maxime Ballesteros
Merle Winter
Celyn Smyth
Bjoern Schroeder
Rückerstr. 10
Berlin Germany
+49 (0)30 2759 3182

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