Madonna Vs Mc Cain…1-0

Yes,its a fact that Madonna did manage to make Mc Cain and his supporters feel annoyed as she chose to feature his image along with ones of Hitler and Robert Mugabe on a huge video screen while performing “Get Stupid” track from the last “Hard Candy” cd.In the very end of the song,images of Barack Obama were featured instead, along with ones of John Lennon,Mahatma Gandhi,Al Gore.

It is a typical “Madonna” act,expressing not only her very personal political views but…teaching once more that the best way to promote yourself is… to create tension around your name,negative of positive,indifferent.The absolute perfection of dog’s tail brilliant PR master class attributed to Alkibiades…

to view the live version of the song..

yet, to be honest,THIS was my fav Madonna moment…

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