Designer Mary Katrantzou-remember that name..

Greek born designer Mary Katrantzou is one of the new designers i feel priviledged to present. After opening the Central Saint Martin’s A/W 2008 show with a collection that featured trompe l’oeil digital prints oversized jewelry on bonded jersey dresses. Inspired by russian constructivism,asiam motifs, and 70s references, her prints create the illusion of wearing giant neckpieces that would be too heavy to wear. This is a very interesting idea and I have to admit the urge to obtain such and elaborate made piece is huge ( at least to me, famously impatient but also high quality work lover) The Central Saint Martin’s A/W 2008 collection also featured jewelry pieces made out of wood and metal, designed as exact replicas of herprints. digital prints of oversized jewelry on bonded jersey dresses prints.Excellent idea,don’t you think?

And the recognistion doesn’t come only from me..Nominated for both the Harrods and the L’oreal Professionnel award, her collection won her best graduate at the London Fashion Awards. Equipped with the valuable insight that she gained by working for Sophia Kokosalaki and selling her samples to Bill Blass, she will continue developing her own distinctive style, alongside working on freelance projects. Her strength as a print designer lies in her use of digital printing and her interpretation of colour and symmetry in creating graphic prints with a hyperrealist aesthetic with cultural references to apparel tradition of the East. Have a look my dears…

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